You only live once. The grandmother has proven that at 92 years old life has only just begun

Buddy Winkle can be safely called a lively, cheerful, cheerful and mischievous personality. And all this – despite the fact that this eccentric “girl” turned 92 not so long ago! A brilliant grandma’s acquaintance with social media began with a funny video posted by her granddaughter.

On the recording, Buddy danced briskly to contemporary music. Suddenly, the video gained popularity, and the energetic grandma dressed in bright colors received support from users of different age categories. However, until a certain age, the boyfriend did not stand out so much from the others.

But after the loss of her husband and son, the woman could hardly cope with her feelings and was afraid of falling into real depression. Mischievous teenage outfits and bright acid colors have become for her a kind of “protection” against the sad daily grayness.

And when Buddy later found lots of like-minded people online, she realized she would still be able to face and survive a tough time in her life. Today, a cheerful old woman wants to prove by her example that it is possible to live “fully” at any age.

Buddy thinks you should try to enjoy every day you live and do what you really love. Even if everyone around you thinks it’s completely “out of date”.

But who cares, right?