Woman Comes Home From Business Trip And Discovers Contractors Plastered Her Cat Into The Wall

Cats can make great pets and one of the best parts about them is how low maintenance they can be.

Sure, they require a lot of work, love, and attention like all pets, but they need a lot less than dogs. For instance, if you have a dog and you need to go out of town, you absolutely have to find a dog sitter or make some arrangements for the dog to be cared for.


Those who have cats, however, can simply set up enough food, water, and litter and make sure their house is cat-proof. For short trips, cats can generally be left alone if they have enough provisions and there’s nothing toxic within reach.



When Ashlin Hadden had a 3-day business trip to attend to, she ensured her cat, Stripes, was left with automatic food and water dispenser, as well as an automatic litter cleaner. It should’ve been a fine set-up for the cat for three days, but something awful and unexpected happened while she was away.

As Hadden shared on TikTok, she hired someone to re-do her bathroom and they planned to work on it while she was away on her trip. That sounds all fine and dandy until you remember that she has cats roaming freely in the house.


Hadden was naturally quite frustrated about the situation and she had to punch a hole in the wall to free the animal after hearing his cries. The cat was trapped for three days before she got home and discovered what’d happened!


In a series of follow-up videos, Ashlin explained that she’d left the bathroom door shut so her cats couldn’t get in, but she didn’t tell the contractors to make sure it stayed shut.

She added that she expected the contractor to leave the bathroom door shut while he was working because he knew there were cats in the house, but she didn’t specifically ask him to leave it shut. Apparently, the contractor ran downstairs to get paint and left the bathroom door open, allowing the cat to roam in undetected. Since there was a hole in the wall, the cat naturally had to check it out and the contractor had no idea the cat was in there when he sealed it.

It was a hard lesson learned for Haddin: Always secure your pets before letting people work on your house.