Without Max the Cat, Blind Spike Could Not Exist: A Bond That Can’t Be Broken

Most people think of cats and dogs as mortal enemies, but this adorable cat and dog duo proves that anything is possible with some teamwork.

Spike, the blind dog, leans on Max for support, and the two have been best friends since they were kittens.

When their elderly owner passed away, the animals were brought to a local animal shelter. Rather than be separated, the top decided to post a message on Facebook asking if anyone was interested in adopting them together.

For anyone considering adopting a blind animal, the bond between Max and Spike is a testament to what is possible. With patience and understanding, these animals can thrive and live happy lives.

When they first arrived at the shelter, the staff weren’t sure if the two should be separated or not.

“Spike relies on Max for a lot,” said Amy Kesting, marketing, and communications manager at the San Diego Humane Society.

“If they were to be split up, we would have to work with Spike on getting him used to being without Max.”

The thought of separating these two was heartbreaking, so the shelter reached out to the public for help.

“We posted about them on our Facebook page and had over 100 applications within hours,” Kesting said. “It was amazing to see how many people were interested in giving them a home.”

The response was overwhelming, and soon enough, these two furry friends found themselves in a new home where they would continue to rely on each other for companionship.

We’re so glad that Max and Spike were able to find a new home together, and we hope their story inspires others to open their hearts to animals in need.

Max and Spike are perfect examples of how two animals from different backgrounds can overcome obstacles together. These furry friends rely on each other for companionship and support, and their bond is unbreakable.