[VIDEO] We Made a Room of Toilet Paper. The Cat Has Gone Mad!

Pusic is a lovely kitten who understands that you can never have too much of a good thing.

Pusic was rescued from the streets of Belarus four years ago as a weak stray kitten. Pusic’s new owners soon realized that, like many young cats, he had an inexplicable obsession with toilet paper, unrolling it like a feline treadmill and relishing in the fluffy pile that followed.

“When he was tiny, he liked to play with it,” the cat’s father, Vyacheslav, told The Dodo. However, the cat was soon encouraged to seek out less messy forms of entertainment. “He’s now playing with toys,” Vyacheslav added.

Having said that, Pusic hasn’t had unrestricted access to his papery first love in a long time. As a pleasant surprise, Vyacheslav wanted to organize a type of epic reunion, covering an entire room with TP.

“We didn’t anticipate him to react like that,” Vyacheslav stated. “I expected him to simply play with them, but something clicked in his mind. He was overjoyed to be able to play with toilet paper, which reminded him of his childhood.”

Pusic may have been surrounded by toilet paper that day. But it’s apparent from that endearing gesture that he’s constantly surrounded by love.

Vyacheslav began cleaning up after his cat had spent a few hours in the toilet paper-filled room. TP, on the other hand, has more practical applications, which Vyacheslav intends to keep for Pusic’s delight.

“We make every effort not to waste resources,” he explained. “The toilet paper will come in for future games and new cat toys.”

Let the good times roll!