[VIDEO] Mom Panics After Senior Rescue Dog Goes Missing, Finds Him Napping With Her Baby

Kristin Leigh Rhynehart, from New Jersey, lives with her 10-year-old rescue dog Raven and daughter Addison. She adopted him about a decade ago and he brings immense joy to their family. When Kristin gave birth to Addison, she knew that Raven would make the perfect big brother!

Kristin found it amusing to notice Raven’s possessive tendencies toward Addison; He would always keep an eye on her and never let her out of his sight. In fact, he hated whenever he had to go sleep in his own bed.

She was frantic because Raven was missing, so she looked in all his favorite places and even turned the house upside down. But when she went into Addison’s room, instead of being upset, Kristin found that Raven had been sleeping with her the whole time! 🥰

Raven apparently had decided to develop his own nap rules from now on! He informed us that he would not be sleeping until he was snuggled up and tucked in with his sister. Addison, on the other hand, was more than delighted to have her cuddly brother in bed with her. It appears that Addison has the greatest brother in the world!

Let’s spread this dog tale that shows just how much love senior shelter dogs still have left to give.

Click the video below to watch Raven’s heartwarming nap with his sister!

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