[VIDEO] Loyal Pitbull Saves A Baby From Fi.re By Dragging Her By Her Diaper!

She is not only clever but also courageous. She is a hero…! 🙏
Sasha is an 8-month-old pit bull who was adopted by Latana’s family and was even happier when this little family welcomed another little angel just a month later.

Sasha adores Masailah and they play together like real friends; she is the one Shasa adores the most. On that day, two buildings of an apartment complex in Stockton, California, were [da.ma.ged by fi.re], and unfortunately, their family also lived there.

Men’s Defence
Sasha began banging on doors almost immediately after the buildings caught fi.re. The frantic sound Sasha made at the door startled Latana awake.
Sasha not only helped her family in escaping, but the dog also help in saving other neighbors!

When Latana heard Sasha’s pa.nic.ked barks, she was at a loss for words, but she soon realized her neighbor’s house was emitting black smoke and had intense fla.mes. She dashed into her bedroom to retrieve her 7-month-old daughter Masailah before sprinting to the emergency exit.

Latana was moved by the bravery of the loyal dog, and she lavished her beloved dog with passionate kisses!
Many people still believe that Pit Bulls are ag.gre.ssive and indiscriminate dog breeds, but this is not the case. They will always return your love if you know how to treat and teach them!

After lo.si.ng their home, she and her family are now attempting to rebuild their lives. And this wonderful home will never be complete without Sasha, the adorable dog!

What a wonderful and precocious furry pup. They are just like other dogs, they must be taught and shown love and all their kindness and love will come out. So glad your baby was saved….🤗🤗👼👼👏🙏💖💕❤