[VIDEO] Heartbroken Sloth Mom Is ‘’Ecstatic’’ To Reunite With Her Missing Baby!

Nothing is more [he.artbre.aking] for a mother than [lo.sing] her baby, but luckily they found each other!


That is true for both humans and animals; Recently, a forest fi.re separated a mother sloth from her children. The ter.rib.le fi.re [de.stro.yed] the bush where they lived, forcing them to fl.ee to a nearby town. Unfortunately, she was att.ac.ked by a pack of [an.gry dogs] while moving and lo.st her baby.






Marco Greminger, a veterinarian, found and looked after the he.artbre.aking mother sloth. Fortunately, he received a call about a baby sloth that had been discovered alone near the town of Trinidad. So he took the baby to the mother and left it nearby for her to pick up.

She seemed to rush towards her child at the fastest speed a sloth could do!




She hugged him and kissed him as soon as he was within her reach. The baby was also clinging to its mother tightly and did not seem to be letting go anytime soon. The mother sloth’s hugs smell and kisses are enough to convince people that animals, like us, have feelings and love!

Many people have been moved by this reunion; motherhood is truly pure and wonderful!

Greminger returned them to his clinic for examination. The mother and daughter were released into the wild after he determined that they were both in good health.

We were overcome with joy and tears as we watched the video of their reunion. So sweet and precious!!