[VIDEO] Confused Hen That Refuses To Give 4 Kittens Back To Their Original Mother

This persistent hen was living on a farm with various other domestic animals.

Recently the farmer noticed that his hen was sitting in her coop longer than usual and checked what was going one. He discovered 4 little kittens under the hen’s car. The hen was sitting on them like her chicks and warming them up.

But the kittens had their mother and when she appeared the hen refused to give them back. Over time she agreed to give them to their mother only to be fed and then began to care for them again.

The farmer understood that the hen had maternal instincts and she needed someone to give her are and love. Soon she ha her chicks and gradually become involved wth her chicks and lets the kittens be away from her.

So maternal instincts act powerfully no matter whether it is a human being or an animal, or even a bird.