[VIDEO] Bulldog Loves Seeing His Picture on the Wall as Employee of the Month

Reuben the Bulldog is one of the famous canine stars on YouTube!

But this bulldog is actually down-to-earth, not letting fame and success get into his head even though he’s also the CEO of CafePress where a lot of cute merchandise for dogs and dog owners are sold.


Reuber’s ultimate satisfaction? Getting awarded as “Employee of the Month”.

Yes, he does not mind getting his paws dirty in service of customers, carrying heavy boxes of merchandise, and cleaning up their place at the end of the day.



A model boss and employee, he surely is. And Reuben always looks forward to that moment when his dad — and bigger boss — makes the important announcement. But apparently, in this video, his dad has forgotten this most special occasion for Reuben.

There’s no way you can make this English bulldog leave after all of his “sacrifices” these past weeks. In fact, he is more excited now since this is the fourth month in a row that he will be getting the award!



At last, his dad realizes it’s the BIG DAY! Citing Reuben’s meritorious services, excellence with customers, ability to think outside the box, innovative ideas, and
creative workflow, Reuben finally receives the prestigious recognition!


A picture of his handsome face gets pinned on the wall again as “Employee of the Month”!


Never mind if he is starting to lose weight for being industrious, innovative, thoughtful, and a whole dozen of other virtues, this award is among this bulldog’s greatest motivation!



But don’t think he’s the serious type in spite of his cute, wrinkled face and being a workaholic. According to his owner, it’s Reuben who makes them smile and laugh every day. What’s more, this English bulldog and his family are dedicated in helping animal rescue organizations.