Victoria Crowned Pigeon, The Nature’s Most Beautiful Bird!

An absolutely beautiful bird. She is without a doubt the queen of the birds!
It’s easy to see why people say nature is the greatest artist on the planet; this bird is proof of how amazing mother nature can be!

This is the exotic Victoria Crowned Pigeon, and it certainly does not resemble the typical pigeon!

This bird’s most distinguishing and eye-catching feature is a fan-shaped crest of feathers on its head, which resembles a truly spectacular crown that it proudly wears on top of its head. This bird, with its bright blue plumage, can grow to the size of an adult turkey. They also have bright red eyes and appear to have perfect eyeliner!

These beautiful pigeons are native to New Guinea and were named after Queen Victoria of England, who ruled Great Britain in the late nineteenth century.
This name seems to suit this proud pigeon perfectly!

Aside from their distinct appearance, their mating dance is as unique and complex as you’d expect from such a posh, upper-crust bird. When the male of the species approaches the female in an attempt to flirt, she bows to show off his beautiful crest, after which he sings an inviting song with well-choreographed choreography that includes rhythmic tail wagging as well as vigorous tail wagging.

During mating season, you will be delighted to witness the male pigeons dance!

Females, on the other hand, only lay one egg per mating season, which is why this species is on the IUCN Red List of [End.ang.ered] Species. Furthermore, is a contributing factor to their population decline.

It’s he.artbre.aking for this unique and proud bird; hopefully, we’ll find a way to save them!

This bird is stunning – its color and crown. One of Nature’s wonders!

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