To save his kitten best friend, the dog braved the flames of his neighbor’s house.

It all started a few years ago when a sizable explosion and subsequent fire took place at a business building in Ukraine.

A few homes nearby were affected by the fire and heavy smoke that engulfed the surrounding area.

Only the most precious belongings and the family pets could be gathered before residents were forced to leave their houses.

One of the occupants anticipated his dog to follow him to safety when he released the animal out of the house, but the animal ran directly into the flames.

The inhabitant remained silent, unsure of what to do because he couldn’t risk it by pursuing the dog into the flames.

As he watched his house burn, he hoped that his dog would come back. Shortly after, he seen a familiar shadow leave his home, but the pup wasn’t alone himself.

He saw his dog emerge from the flames with a kitten that the family had forgotten to take when they fled.

Once we found out that the dog and kitten were best friends, we saw that they spent most of their days playing and hanging out together.

A true hero! After being set free, the puppy’s first thought was to save his closest friend rather than himself.