This Pair Of Teenagers Dove Into The Mud To Save A Frightened Kangaroo, Thanks To Them He Is Safe

Two 19-year-old boys riding their dirt motorcycles close to Sydney, Australia, noticed something strange emerging from the mud at first: a head and two pointed ears.

They came closer to have a better look and were confronted by a terrifying sight. A kangaroo had gotten lost and was now neck-deep in the thick muck. He was worn out from the struggle to get away, yet he couldn’t stop shouting.

The two saw right away that the unfortunate animal needed their assistance to escape this predicament. Jack anchored the rope to the firm ground while Nick waded into the muck after hurrying to his house for supplies. Nick was wearing a rope around his waist.

The kangaroo was writhing and incredibly anxious, but as soon as Nick got him out, he calmed down.

Nick stated to 9News:

We left with one arm and one leg because we believed in the value of kangaroo life. We believe that when he went to obtain water there, he got trapped since the area was so muddy.

The kangaroo was obviously sick because it was imprisoned and unable to get to food or water, so the kids quickly called WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue.

To remove the heavy covering of muck from the kangaroo’s fur and to treat dehydration, staff had to sedate it.