The previous owner had cruelly dyed the hedgehog Pink For Fun, but now…

This coloured hedgehog was given to Jacqueline Law by its previous owner, who had cruelly dyed it that color. Jacqueline read the post on the internet where someone was attempting to get rid of it and realized the hedgehog needed to get out of there as soon as possible.

According to Jacqueline:

“It appeared to me that they had become tired of him; the novelty had worn off.”

The animal was painted using a sort of paint used to colour the fur of poodles, and Jacqueline claims it is harmful to hedgehogs. Furthermore, the painting never faded.

Jacqueline initially wanted to support Floyd until she could find him a nice home.

However, as he grew older, Floyd became more devoted to him, her dogs, and her husband, and she worried that he may still wind up as a “novelty” pet due to his unusual hue, so Jacqueline decided that the best way to keep him safe would be to stay with him forever.

Floyd’s pink color never faded over time.

According to Jacqueline:

“He’s kind, but he’s a biter. If you do anything he dislikes, he will not hesitate to bite you.”

Floyd, at 2 1/2 years old, has developed into “a really nice and active hedgehog.”

Jacqueline continued:
“I don’t want people to buy hedgehogs and dye them all different colors for pleasure. He was in bad shape, and I don’t want any animal to go through that again.”