The little dog was only given six months to live, yet eight years later she still barks like a duck

Pipsqueak was neglected and undernourished when she was raised in what could be called a puppy mill. A rescue organization rescued the canines when the premises were searched. Pipsqueak was given only a few months to live until a woman chose to adopt him. She decided to give her the finest last few months possible, writes positive-info.

When she arrived at her house, she discovered the little dog’s attempt to bark was accompanied by a duck-like quack. She had many cute idiosyncrasies, but this one stood out the most. Then something surprising occurred: Months turned into years, and now, eight years later, Pipsqueak is still having a good time in her own way! Mom wouldn’t exchange her for anything in the world since she is so exceptional.

Source: positive-info