The dog was going to be «sent to the rainbow», but it turned out to save both her and the newborn puppies

When the couple returned from vacation they wanted to bring something as a reminder about this trip. But buying souvenirs was not in their plans. The softhearted couple decided to adopt a dog from a shelter and help one creature which would always remind them about their vacation.

They encountered a dog who lived in the shelter with a broken paw and had some difficulties. So the shelter had to euthanize the poor dog. So the couple chose especially this canine to save her life.

The couple took the dog and prepared a comfortable place for her in the back seat of their car and drove towards the house. Suddenly a miracle happened. The dog began to give birth. The couple changed direction and drove to the veterinary clinic.

The dog gave birth to 6 puppies till they reached the clinic. After the doctor’s examination, it turned out that the dog and her puppies were healthy and could go home. So the warmhearted couple saved both the dog and her puppies.