Teen With Epilepsy Crowned Miss Dallas Teen 2022 And Her Service Dog Gets Crowned Beside Her

When 17-year-old Alison Appleby was told she couldn’t compete in a pageant, she set out to prove them wrong. Not only did she compete, but she ended up taking home the crown!

According to KTEN, Appleby was diagnosed with epilepsy two years ago. Her life changed since the diagnosis and she welcomed home a golden retriever named Brady to act as her service dog.


Appleby shared with KTEN that she was having a conversation with someone about pageants and a bystander told her, “you can’t do that, because you have a disability, and pageant girls don’t have disabilities.”


Appleby had never competed in a pageant before, but she made up her mind to compete in one after hearing that comment. She wanted to prove them wrong and she succeded massively.

Appleby prepared for and entered the Miss Dallas Teen USA 2022 pageant and she blew the judges away. By her side the entire time? Brady. Appleby ended up being crowned as Miss Dallas Teen USA and Brady received a crown too!


According to NBCDFW, Appleby says Brady alerts her to oncoming seizures and is in training to fetch her medication.



It’s important that he stays by her side at all times to alert Appleby of seizures and it’s only fitting that he received a crown as well.

Check out the video below: