Stray Dog ​​Waited Outside His Empty Home For Weeks After His Family Left, Hoping They Would Return

It is difficult to comprehend how a person could forsake a member of his family, treating them like a useless thing that we throw away. Cupid, a lovely puppy that was left by his owners in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, unfortunately experienced this.

Although they relocated, the dog’s family evidently forgot about Cupid and left him outside of his previous residence.

Cupid had no idea what was going on; all he knew was that this was his home and that his family would return if he waited long enough.

For weeks, the dog wandered the neighborhood, but he always made his way back to his house—his safe haven—exactly at the porch or front door.

He was lost, without food and drink, couldn’t enter the home, didn’t know where his family was, and didn’t even know why he was alone.

Fortunately, locals called Janine Guido, the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, to report Cupid’s predicament.

Janine said to The Dodo:

“All I was informed was that his owners had left him behind when they relocated. When I enquired about the dog with several other persons, they all just replied, “They moved and abandoned him.”

Without second thought, Janine rushed to Cupid’s aid after spotting him eating from a trash can; however, as she drew closer, Cupid fled to safety.

Cupid frantically raced outside and repeatedly pounded on his house’s door to try to get inside, but his family had left. Seeing the spectacle of Cupid trying to reach out to the family who had abandoned him shattered Janine’s heart.

She made many attempts to approach Cupid, but she always backed off and went away frightened.

After many minutes of following him through several alleys, Janine realized how to win his trust—all she needed to do was reassure him that everything would be well.

Janine remarked:

“He may have been speaking nonsense, but I’m certain he was serious. He really approached, sat down, and let me to tie him up.”

Cupid appeared to comprehend everything as she went on to describe what had happened throughout the journey to the refuge.