Shelter Started By 4th Graders Has Saved About 15,000 Dogs

Students and their teacher from the fourth grade formed a shelter in Dalhart, Texas. A group of kids were inspired to start this admirable project after they spotted a picture of pups in a box. They questioned their instructor, inconsolably, what would happen if they were not adopted, and when she was unable to respond that they could do nothing, Dalhart Animal Wellness Group and Sanctuary (DAWGS) was established.

Since March 2003, Diane Trull, a teacher, and her student volunteers have operated this location. Thousands of animals have been spared thanks to it, which is still in use.

The youngsters gained valuable knowledge in this setting as they concentrated on managing the shelter, realized the responsibility that comes with owning a pet, deepened their ties to the neighborhood, discovered compassion, and built their self-assurance.

Many of the kids who founded the shelter are now close to receiving their college degrees; they reflect back on those times and value the lessons they gained there. They contend that their time spent at DAWGS permanently altered them.

The shelter’s name-bearing book, DAWGS, also chronicles the tale of these abandoned animals and the young children who saved them, outlining all the difficulties they encountered while establishing the refuge.

They had to battle with local politicians, farmers, and the wild local weather while the deck was stacked against them; this is a genuine hero story.

DAWGS now works with adoptions and contributions around the nation; they wish to locate additional benefactors and establish a mobile veterinary unit.