She can’t stop holding the person who saved her because “she feels she’s finally secure.”

Many animals are in a shelter waiting for a loving home and become one of the family, writes fancy4work

Lia Domingo, representative of The Pixel Fund, a dog rescue group that went to the Augusta Animal Services shelter to rescue a pit bull named Peety, however, at the last minute, an emotional request came make her change her mind.

Deborah Kirkland , CEO of The Pixel Fund in Georgia, asked Lia if she would rescue Penny, a five-year-old corgi mix.

“Deborah heard that a dog named Penny had an eye injury, and none of the local rescuers were interested in helping her.”

Lia immediately agreed, and as soon as she arrived at the shelter, she went to see the lovely Penny.

“When I saw her, my heart broke, she was so scared. She didn’t even want to look at me on the first date, Penny just cowered in,” Lia said.

Lia left the shelter with two puppies in her car and began driving for an hour and a half to Sparta, Georgia, where she would meet Dedee Nystrom, another volunteer who would take over, but she got a call from the shelter.

Lia has to go back to return Peety because her family called to claim their pet back.

Deborah suggested returning Peety and Penny to the shelter for the night, that way Lia could drive to Sparta the next day instead of making two separate trips if Peety’s family didn’t show up.

Although Lia didn’t want to leave Penny, she kissed her, whispered a promise in her ear, and left her.

“Don’t worry, Penny. You know we’ll be back, we won’t let you down. I promise you,’” Lia said.

Peety’s family went to look for her, but Penny was still alone, so Lia kept her promise and went to look for her the next day.

When Lia arrived, Penny couldn’t contain her excitement, she was ready to begin her official journey to freedom. It was obvious that Penny remembered Lia.

“Lia is a totally different dog, she just wanted to hug me. She wouldn’t stop wagging her tail.”

In the car this adorable little dog jumped into Lia’s arms as if she was trying to hug her. Lia couldn’t hold back her tears at Penny’s expressions of love.

“She hugged me and wouldn’t let me go, I knew I was finally safe . I had to lead with one hand because she was complaining, it’s like she is demanding that I pet her.

When a dog trusts you that much, it just fills your heart.”

Once they reached Sparta, Lia handed Penny over to Dedee, who took her straight to the vet. They discovered that in addition to her injured eye, she also had heartworm disease.

Lia added that Penny is doing very well and will be up for adoption when she is fully recovered.

Deborah reports that Penny has a new name: Chloe Olivia.

“Although we couldn’t save the pit bull, they set it out on the road to discover Chloe Olivia, aka Penny.

When it comes to rescues, we always say that everything happens for a reason,” says Deborah.

Fortunately this little dog was saved, share this touching story of Chloe, who is now waiting for a family and a new life filled with love.