Senior Cat is Adopted by Woman, Who Later Allows Him to Return to the Shelter to Visit His Old Friend

Two senior cats, aged 11 and 16, were available for adoption in the Anne Arundel County Animal Control shelter in Maryland, USA, in 2016. Their names were Mojo and Max. They were thought to have spent some of their final days in a cage as senior cats, until their guardian angel showed up. A good-hearted woman adopted Mojo, and a few days later, she returned for his friend Max.

Although she said that Mojo was a wonderful pet, she couldn’t bear to leave his closest pal, Max. “The thought of him spending his entire existence outside of a cage absolutely broke my heart.”

Two cats were eventually reunited and given a forever home under the care of their owner, who set up a special Instagram account for them. Scroll down to view more of their charming photographs!

At the animal control, Max (left) and Mojo (right) are friends. They were almost never adopted first.

A good woman adopted Mojo, and she subsequently returned to pick up Max so that he could be with his best buddy.

Two closest friends cuddling in their new home—they can’t be apart!

Mojo can’t walk properly because of his foot declawing and skin conditions. Fortunately, his new owner takes excellent care of him and his conditions.