Puppies left in the snow to freeze huddle together for warmth after being left in the soaking rain

This man has such a great passion for dogs that he is constantly on the lookout for abandoned or needy canines.

One day, he came upon two puppies who had been abandoned and allowed to perish in the bitter cold. The two little puppies pressed up to one another in an effort to remain warm.

They were shivering due to how cold they were as they stood in the snow and ice.

They avoided the stranger as he drew closer because they were really afraid. The man didn’t give up though since he knew he couldn’t leave them there because otherwise they would have eventually perished of hypothermia.

When he finally got them, he brought them home and warmed them up by wrapping them in blankets.

The little puppies, who had before been uncomfortable and sopping wet, were now clean and contented.

Their entire attitude shifted once they realized they were secure. They were nо lоnger scared, rather nоw they sоught attentiоn and affectiоn.

The dad will keep the puppies warm and provide the finest care as he waits to take them to the doctor for a checkup.