Police Try To Place A Stray Dog But End Up Adopting Him Themselves

Cops from the Kirtland Police Department encountered a confused dog while patrolling an Ohio street, and they immediately sensed that the pooch was lost and looking for his owners. They took the gloomy boy back to the department and reached out on social media to see if anyone was missing a big dog, writes ilovemydogsomuch

While several community members shared the online appeal to find the dog’s owners, it soon became evident that he had been abandoned. As the dog had no identification on him, the cops began calling him a “John Doe” dog, which soon progressed into JD. However, they realized that JD was getting sadder by the day, so they began looking into different avenues to find him a responsible forever family.

While the cops were busy finding adoption options for JD, something happened that completely caught them off-guard – they fell hopelessly in love with the charming pooch! JD’s comforting presence and loving disposition became a staple at the precinct, and it became obvious that the starry-eyed furball had started bonding with the cops too!

Finally, with due permission from city authorities, the Kirtland Police Department officially adopted JD as their honorary companion dog. JD intuitively knew he had found his happy ending, and he seamlessly fit into his new role. From awareness campaign runs to patrolling duties, JD did it all – and he is cherished every second of his brand new life with the doting cops!

The Kirtland Police Department put out an update recently saying JD had sadly crossed the rainbow bridge. After spending his time with the police department and bringing unlimited joy to his fellow cops and community, JD is now resting in peace. Rest well, sweet boy!

Click the video below to watch how JD the sad abandoned dog transformed into the happiest “police” dog.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.com