Pet Owner Gets Tattoo Of Dead Dog Using Ink Mixed With His Ashes

When we welcome a dog into our home, they become a part of the family for as long as they’re around. When we have a puppy, we hope to spend some 8-15 years with them before they cross the rainbow bridge, but sometimes, our time together is cut short.

27-year-old Robyn Moscrop recently experienced a heartbreaking loss when her 3-year-old Bull Terrier, Bronson, passed away back in 2019.

The dog’s death was sudden and unexpected, which only made the loss that much more painful.



To commemorate Bronson, Robyn got his portrait tattooed on her and used tattoo ink mixed with the late Bronson’s ashes.

Robyn’s boyfriend, George Ricketts, is the tattoo artist who did the tattoo. He shared about the tattoo on Facebook, saying “Tiny pooch I had the pleasure of doing for my better half Robyn, Bronson sadly passed away unexpectedly earlier on this year, so glad I was able to do this for you.”


Ricketts completed the tattoo in eight hours back in December, around six months after Bronson passed away.


According to The Sun, Robyn said the tattoo helped her find closure after Bronson’s passing. She said, “Having his ashes on me means that he’s always going to be with me, no matter what. It’s not something I could lose or misplace, it’s always there…It was a bit of closure that I thought, ‘he’s always with his mum now.’”



She added that seeing the finished tattoo was “really emotional” and she had a cry.

She has since adopted another bull terrier, a two-year-old dog named Alabama.