Not Like Everyone: Woman Rescued Cat Who Was Wanted To Be Humiliated For Being Too “Ugly”

Laurie Farris is not like everyone. When she saw a cat on the sidewalk that most people would have wanted to be humiliated for being too “ugly,” she took it home, cleaned it, and fed its belly. It is the story of Willow, a special needs cat with an extra chromosome saved from certain death by Laurie.

Laurie is a special needs teacher leaving a student’s house when she saw Willow on the sidewalk. Willow was an unusual-looking cat with fleas and an eye infection. Laurie knew she had to take Willow home, so she did. She named the cat Willow and took her to the vet the next day.

The vet told Laura that Willow had extra chromosomes – hence the unusual appearance. Although cats cannot have Down syndrome, this abnormality was close.

The vet said the cat would be euthanized if it were taken from the shelter.

Laurie took Willow home and has been taking care of her ever since. Despite her challenges, she says Willow is the sweetest cat she’s ever met.

Willow was a sickly tiny kitten, but with Lori’s help, she turned into a beautiful cat. Willow is now living her best life – running and chasing after her friend, three-year-old boxer Lori Ella all day. We hope that she has the happiest life possible. She deserves it!

Animals deserve a chance at a good life, regardless of appearance or health. Laurie Farris knew this and saved one cat from certain death. We should all be so kind.

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