Lo.st Horse Finds Its Way Home After 8 Years Of Running With Wild Mustangs In Northern Utah!

A horse has been mi.ssing for 8 years, and no one believes it will ever be found, but a miracle has occurred!

Shane Adams forgot to tie his Mongo horse to his tent while camping in Utah’s Western Desert, he was unaware that a herd of wild Mustangs had passed by and Mongo immediately chased after his new friends.

Helpless Adams crept out of the tent, half-na.ked, to stop him, but it was too late. Adams, after that, persisted in his search for his beloved horse for a long time.

He even went every weekend for three years from his home in northern Utah to the West Desert in search of his trusted friend, and even further afield, but the horse’s news was still unavailable. He had no choice but to abandon his search in the end.

Mongo is more than just a horse; he’s a much-needed source of inspiration for Adams, who was in a se.rio.us car ac.cid.ent a year ago that left him [per.man.ently dis.ab.led] and with a hoarse voice. The doctors didn’t think he’d be able to recover, but Mongo helped him!

He always thinks of Mongo and kept his leash for other horses. Even his son wrote songs about the missing Mongo; everyone couldn’t stop missing that mischievous pony!

Adams turned to the media, and eventually, someone saw a horse with the same mark Adams reported eight years ago. And soon after, the mischievous horse was returned to the farm in Fielding, Utah, and nothing seemed to have changed.

Mongo, who was 18 years old at the time, was eager to sit up and show no sign of the wild and free years he had spent running with the Mustangs herd.

Adams can’t put into words how he feels right now. “It’s insane that he’s still acting the same eight years later as if nothing happened.”
In any case, this will be a lesson for the mischievous horse. And congratulations to them on rediscovering each other!

This might be the singular good thing to ever happen due to the round ups. Leave the mustangs free…!

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