Little Dog Is So Very Happy His Family Built Him A Fence Window

Meet Harry, a little dog who has suddenly learned his true passion in life.

Watching the world pass by.

Harry had always loved spending time in his family’s fenced-in backyard, but there wasn’t much visual access to what was beyond. The pickets on the fence were so close together that it was nearly hard to see through them.

But then something happened that offered Harry his first sight of what he’d been missing his entire life. The fence was destroyed by a storm, and a new one was built with a slightly different design.

“When my dad repaired the fence, there were some gaps [between the pickets],” Harry’s owner, Alex Mcleish, told The Dodo. “That’s when I noticed Harry peering through the cracks!”

Harry was captivated.

He could see what was going on on the other side of the fence for the first time by peering through the thin gaps. What could possibly be better? A fence window, that’s what.

“I jokingly recommended it to my dad when I noticed Harry spending a lot of time peering out the gaps,” Mcleish explained. “I awoke on Sunday morning to see my father preparing it for him!”

Mcleish’s father had made a window in the fence just for Harry to be able to see the world without any barriers.

Harry was overjoyed.

“Harry had a feeling it was for him!” Mcleish explained. “He looked at my dad as he was making it, as if he was waiting for him to finish.”

And it was unquestionably worth the wait.

Harry has been practically glued to that area since the window was built, watching people and other puppies stroll by with pleasure and a feverishly waving tail.

“He sits there for hours and only comes in when we call,” Mcleish explained.

Of course, Harry would not have complained if the fence had remained as it was. Mcleish’s father, on the other hand, was able to make the pup’s favorite new sport even more joyful with that beautiful alteration.

And, in a manner, the dog’s family gained a fresh perspective as well — one of an extra-happy Harry enjoying life in their backyard.

“Seeing him seeing the world go by surely makes us happy,” Mcleish added.