How the grandmother carried her grandchild under her heart

These photos from the “Waiting for a Baby” series are completely different from most similar photos: it is not the mother of the child who is pregnant in them, but his … grandmother.She carried the child of her own son, since his wife, unfortunately, due to health reasons, could not physically save any of her pregnancies.

At the age of 17, Kayla Jones, now 29, had an operation. Her ovaries remained intact, so Kayla remained in the ability to get pregnant, but she lost the ability to bear a child. That is why, when she and her husband decided to have a baby, they realized that the only possible way out for them was to use surrogate motherhood. Kayla and Cody wanted to have a baby, but for a long time all their attempts were unsuccessful.

Since their wedding in 2012, Kayla’s mother-in-law has constantly joked that the best way to bear their child is not a strange woman, but relatives. Of course, at that time the couple did not take these words seriously, but after they tried several times to use this service – and each time Kayla’s egg did not take root in a potential surrogate mother, Kayla thought about the words of her husband’s mother. At first I thought that the doctors they will say that I lost my mind with such an idea, ”recalls Kayla. – But then I looked for information and found out that there are many such cases when grandmothers bear their own grandchildren. We went to the clinic, and there, after numerous tests, they confirmed that Patty could become our surrogate mother.”

The first attempt of in vitro fertilization was in March 2017, but alas, it ended in failure. Before finally giving up, the family decided to try again. And 2 months later they tried again. This time – finally – the egg took root.
The day we found out that artificial insemination was successful was probably one of the happiest days of my life (the happiest was the day my son Cross was born!). Patti left a test jar in the morning before leaving for work, and my husband and I took a pregnancy test. I can’t even describe the feeling when I saw two pink lines on the test. I was sure it wouldn’t work! And suddenly this!”

The couple decided to surprise Patty. They did not admit to her that they had already taken the test and came to her work, and only then, in a personal meeting, handed her a test of pregnancy.

Seven months later, Cross Allen Jones was born. He was born on December 30 by caesarean section. “I’m so overwhelmed by the possibility of this miracle,” says Kayla. “It’s clear that surrogacy is a test, and for Patty it was especially serious, but when the child is in your arms, everything else fades into the background.”Patty’s grandmother herself describes the situation as follows: “Recently I had the honor to do something great: I carried my own grandson for my son and his wife.

This is a real blessing not only for myself, but for my entire family, including Kayla’s family. I I know that they both are worthy of having a child like no other. My heart just melts when I see how much they love Cross, how wonderful they are in the role of parents. “