No Animal Should Be Abandoned And Abused.

There are still many good stories around us. Human love is the fire that warms the most extreme situations. And whether people or animals, love and care are priority. One of the lucky animals to receive love from humans is the dog. However, many times, dogs also have to fall into a miserable situation. With no shelter, no food and no caregiver, what will the future of injured dogs look like? Today we will tell a miserable story when helping scared abandoned puppy with a broken heart.

We received an emergency call about an abandoned scared dog that was left near the river in an area 100 km (65 miles) away from us. People have heard him screaming in the areas for the past few weeks.

Dogs are not only loyal but love unconditionally. Dogs could teach us humans so much. First and foremost unconditional love. No animal should be abandoned and abused.

Dogs are social pack animals who thrive off of attention and affection, making them a prime candidate for a person’s best friend. Most dog owners, including myself, will tell you that their dog is a family member. How can we leave our friends when they need us most?

The dog is a faithful animal. They are also a good example for us, to live a meaningful life. Their life span is short, but their qualities last for long. To see full story of River, please watch video below: