He Was Moved By Human Love

She was a homeless mother, completely exhausted. as far as we can see, she is young but has been pregnant. We can not imagine her past. Body full of scabs, infection. Luli was left with only skin and bones, writes androdass

My heart is broken and I want to hug her and beg for forgiveness. Alejandra kept it and luck brought it to me. Lili was a little scared, she has never felt human love.

I want to call her Luna, because she’s amazing. We have met and from now on we will be together forever.

Luli is fine, she has been showered and given antibiotics. After 2 weeks the sweet girl has changed a lot. She was much more beautiful. she is better but she need a home , a bed ….

Update : after 2 months she officially has a new family and beautiful home .

Source: androdass.com