Gorilla Mom Proudly Lifts Up Her New Baby To Show Her Off To Zoo Visitors

This is the incredible moment when a female gorilla introduced her young child to visitors at the Calgary Zoo.
The video below shows the mother grasping her baby by the arms and lifting it into the air before cuddling it and kissing the newborn gorilla’s forehead:

“Oh my goodness!” one person can be heard saying on the video. “Did she just give it a kiss?” Another woman then tells the gorillas: “Thank you for showing us!”

Several individuals in the comments of the original post demanded that the animals be set free, while others appeared to argue against this point.

Here at Kingdoms, we don’t believe in the captivity of any wild animal, although there are exceptions, such as captivity, to help the population of an endangered animal.

The gorilla in this video is a Western Lowland Gorilla, which is a critically endangered species, and therefore this birth is seen as an especially happy moment.

Six adult Western Lowland Gorillas live at the Calgary Zoo, and after this birth, we are one step closer to saving the gorillas.

The natural gorilla population has shrunk by 80% during the past 30 years, according to Calgary Zoo.
This is a result of habitat destruction and poaching, primarily due to the highly sought-after mineral coltan, which is required for the manufacture of cell phones.