Exhausted Senior Dog Falls Asleep In The Pool With The Ball Still In Her Mouth

Dogs will always be puppies at heart, no matter how old they become. Dogs, like humans, age and begin to lose their vitality as they get older. Their play-dates grow shorter with time while their naps become longer, and there’s nothing one can do about it.

Myla, the brilliant and loving Golden Retriever in this clip, has been feeling the impact of her growing years for some time. The nice girl enjoys playing fetch with her favorite tennis ball in the pool. Unfortunately, fatigue usually gets the better of her whenever she enters the water these days.






In this video shared by Dad, we see Myla motionlessly napping away right in the middle of the pool. Even though she was aiming to play with her ball, the warmth of the sun, combined with the calm and relaxing pool water, made her feel lighter and caused her to doze off.


Despite the slumber, it’s amusing to see how Myla holds on to the ball till the very end.


Dad says he has seen Myla rocking back and forth several times as she naps in the pool, with her nose eventually hitting the water and waking her up. So cute. Myla is a wonderful girl and her sleepy pool adventure has totally brightened up our day.


Click the video below to watch Myla adorably dozing off in the pool with the ball in her mouth!