During complete quarantine, found a sad puppy tied to a tree next to a hastily scribbled piece of paper

The whole world is going through a difficult situation, we cannot deny that in the midst of this crisis the true heroes without capes have come out to give their best. However, while many people seek refuge in their homes, many puppies are left on the streets totally out in the open waiting for a hero to help them cope with all the misfortune that surrounds us, writes fancy4work

The rescue took place in Orlando-Florida.

Recently a woman left her house to do some shopping, in the midst of the empty streets and an atmosphere of uncertainty, she noticed a puppy tied to a tree with its leash .

It was about an adorable brown and white pit bull that was abandoned along with a crumpled note . The scribbled message gave the impression that it was written at the last minute, it can be read:

“I am going to California to be with my mother and brother during this pandemic. Take care of Lincoln or find him a good home. I trust you with my baby, I’m sorry.”

The kind woman could not believe how someone could abandon a puppy in the middle of a situation like the one we are going through. She set out to free the puppy and brought it to his home, she quickly contacted The Pittie Party of Central Florida (TPPCF) .

Luckily, one of the shelter volunteers answered the call and in a matter of minutes she was at the house of the woman who called for help.

The woman recognized the puppy and said it belonged to her neighbor.

When Mayson Jones, a TPPCF volunteer, arrived at the house, she noticed that the puppy was somewhat disoriented , without wasting any more time she took him in her arms and took him home, she just wanted to make him forget that his family had abandoned him. In this regard, Ella Mayson says:

“He seemed a bit confused and was looking around the yard for a while. But he finally calmed down and played fetch with me, he seemed happy.”

Unfortunately, stories like Lincoln’s are becoming prevalent these last few days. The shelter desperately asks for the help of volunteers and families who want to take responsibility for having a puppy at home .

Due to the situation many people are not taking responsibility for their pets. TPPCF commented on its Facebook page:

“We are in crisis mode with the number of people who have abandoned their dogs due to unemployment and the uncertainty of what is just around the corner.”

Luckily, the lovable Lincoln has found a foster home amidst the chaos. The rescue group is doing the legal paperwork to put the puppy on the adoption list .

When it comes to describing it, it is undoubtedly the best puppy. His rescuer comments:

“He loves balls and any kind of toy that he can chew on. He is very affectionate. He loves people, men, women, children, and he’s not aloof at all.”

This adorable pup just needs someone who is willing to share long hours of playtime and receive extra love . We hope that she soon finds that special little person who gives her all the love and attention she deserves.

Finding a home for Lincoln is possible if we make his story known. Share this note on your networks and let’s make it a reality for this sweet puppy to find a home that allows him to show how cute he is.

Source: fancy4work.com