Dog Win A Medal In A Marathon Accidentally While Being Let Out To Pee!

A Bloodhound named Ludivine accidentally took part in the Elkmont Half Marathon and received a medal for finishing seventh.

It was a beautiful day and Ludivine from Elkmont, Alabama had no idea she would become famous as Elkmont’s hero.

When she was doing the same things she did every day, more specifically, when she was let to pee by her owner, she was attracted by the sound of the crowd.

Usually, when released, Ludivine just roams the area near the farm where she lives.

Today was a special day as the Elkmont Half Marathon was nearby and she walked towards the crowd as they prepared to start the race.

Ludivine headed towards the starting line before everyone noticed her presence.

When the race started, everyone started running and she ran after them with a very excited face.

She probably thinks she has new friends playing with her.

The dog always runs with the leading group mile after mile of the track.

Ludivine even interrupted the race by stopping to run after a rabbit.

At some other point, she went off the track to bark at some cows and smell some roses she found along the way.

Ludivine is truly the most spontaneous marathon runner I’ve ever known.

Despite these stops, Ludivine still managed to finish the marathon in seventh place, in 1 hour 32 minutes, and 56 seconds.

The organizers decided to award the medal to this accidental athlete for his good performance and vibrant spirit.

Ludivine received all the attention and love of the race participants.

Because of this impression, the organizers renamed the event “Half Hound” in honor of the dog Ludivine.

“The Accidental Athlete” Ludivine received the medal with innocent black eyes.

Perhaps she didn’t realize how much what she did today meant to the people of Elkmont.

Ludivine brought a cuteness and a spirit of enthusiasm to those present at the marathon.

Even if she had left her position to reach her destination quite far from her home, she would still be praised and admired by her owner for the priceless medal.

I believe no one can resist her cuteness. And she deserves a welcome everywhere!

Congratulations you gorgeous fur baby you and love the fact that he got a medal well done you! 😍😍😍

He’s precious and I love that they gave him a medal. ❤🐾💜🐾