Dog shares a quiet moment bird-watching with his cat best friend

Time and time again, we’ve seen proof that the stereotype that cats and dogs can’t get along simply isn’t true.

These animals may be different and have different ways of communicating, but with patience and training, they can become friends.Lisa Olsen-Plummer is a huge animal lover with a cat named Jasper.She decided to bring a sweet Beagle she called Bo into the mix. Although she was


confident the two would get along just fine, they, on the other hand, weren’t initially as optimistic. As expected, they had to size each other up.Bo was quite timid, especially whenever he was near a cat.As for Jasper, he wasn’t convinced he could trust this new addition to the family.

Lisa didn’t expect them to become best friends immediately,but she was hopeful that, in time, they’d accept one another and live in peace.Initially, Jasper preferred to watch as this bundle of energy bounded around the house. Lisa explained, “Jasper was very cautious of Bo at


first.”But within a very short amount of time, something happened.Lisa went on to say, “He (Jasper) stayed back and watched from a distance until one day, he went up to Bo and put his arm around him.”Lisa was shocked but excited.“It was almost like he was telling him, “It’s OK! Let’s



play. I think that’s where Bo learned the hug from,” said Lisa.From then on, her cat and dog became more than just friends… they bonded. They acted more like brothers that couldn’t get enough of one another. Although they’re different types of animals, they played constantly.Lisa



added, “They play hard and instigate one another. Sometimes, it causes a fight and I make them split up — just like the kids.”Fortunately, she’s been able to grab several sweet moments shared by these two. You can tell they have something special.As energetic animals, they’re always

into something.In particular, they play. And as mentioned, they’re known for getting into a few squabbles. But at the end of the day, they spend time lying side-by-side on the couch or looking out the window.Along with a photo, Lisa captured a video of the two of them bird watching one


day.In it, you see Bo jump on the sofa. Quickly after sitting down next to his buddy, he gently places his arm around him. Awe…this is true love. Now that they’re so close, Lisa can’t imagine what her household would be like without her beloved pets.

These two are so sweet together, and it’s wonderful to watch them relaxing and enjoying the view. What an adorable pair.Check out the video for yourself below!Please SHARE this with your friends and family.