Dog Insists On Protecting Pregnant Mom Wherever She Goes

A young pregnant woman from Phoenix, Arizona (USA), Jess Christoffers lives with her dogs Rocky and Diogee, who look after her and have grown fixated with her pregnancy.

Since the new baby is on the way, Jess adopted Rocky with the intention that he would keep Diogee company and prevent him from feeling lonely.

She stated to The Dodo:

When the infant was born, “I knew Diogee would need a companion to keep him occupied.”

Rocky’s response to Jess’s pregnancy—the dog associated with her and her unborn child—was something she hadn’t anticipated. Now that he has learned to defend her, he keeps watch over her and is always alert to what is going on in the area.

Jesus promises:

Diogee used to welcome my partner at the entrance, but now he settles down and remains with me. They are both always devoted to me.

Her two dogs’ curiosity in her increases as her tummy expands.

Added Jess

“Both of them lie on my tummy, but rocky more.”

Dogs are persuadable creatures with the capacity to recognize even subtle changes in the chemistry of the human body, such as fluctuations in hormone levels during pregnancy, mood swings, and others, which enables them to form a protective bond with their adoptive mother.

This is clearly demonstrated by Rocky and Diogee, who have been focusing on their adoptive mother for the past month by remaining with her and closely observing her every action.

The young pregnant woman says:

The situation has become worse around the due date, “[Diogee] monitors the home like crazy recently, delivery people don’t even like to walk near our living room window.”

Since Jess works at a dog daycare, her puppies are not left alone when their mother is away from them and may instead enjoy the companionship of other dogs while taking a break from their parental duties.