Dog Drove Himself Across Gravel With His Twisted Legs, Hopeless and Stuck.

For the remainder of his life, he had to crawl and pull himself over rocks due to his twisted legs.

But Viktor Larkhill wouldn’t allow that to happen. He knew he had to get Richard out of the shelter and get him some aid as soon as he saw him there.

Richard was sent to the veterinarian for x-rays and a CT scan in order to decide the best course of action for repairing his legs.

Richard had a sorrowful expression in his eyes, but he had great faith in the hospital personnel and allowed them to take whatever action was necessary to assist him.

Amazing surgeons determined that Richard was a candidate for surgery, despite the fact that it would be incredibly difficult. His leg could be straightened out, and a metal plate was inserted.

Richard was walking upright for the first time in his life immediately following surgery! Today, Richard isn’t just walking—also he’s sprinting like the wind like any other dog!

Even better, he has found a new home with a loving family and a new canine brother to play and run about with.

Watch the following video to see how he was saved and transported: