Disabled Calf And A Giant Tortoise Are The Most Unlikely And Adorable Friends

Simon’s leg had to be amputated at the age of six months after being entangled in some vines. Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) saved and took care of the calf. They gave him a prosthesis and brought him to their refuge, where he made an unanticipated and lovely buddy.

The calf was not yet mature enough to socialize with the other cows who had been saved when it arrived at the sanctuary, so it was placed in a huge enclosure to allow it time to develop and heal.

Leonardo, an African spurred tortoise (Centrochelys sulcata) who was also saved by WFFT, lost his home when he was imprisoned in a zoo in Bangkok.

Leonardo was conducting himself normally one day when he became aware of the newcomer.

It was the young calf with the artificial leg who unexpectedly entered the sanctuary and enhanced his happy lifestyle.

Without a sure, Simón and Leonardo had a really memorable meeting; they clicked right away. They formed a lovely bond that astounded his rescuers.

Simon and Leonardo, according to WFFT’s website, have been observed eating, sleeping, and exploring the sanctuary together.