Dоg рushеs disаbIеd оwnеr’s whееIсhаir whiIе hе fiхеs shоеs оn thе strееt

In China, a dog pushes a wheelchair for a crippled owner who repairs shoes. Paralyzed and atrophied since childhood, a 59-year-old shoe repairman is paralyzed. He used a wheelchair to get from home to the shoe repair shop every day. The dog he raised daily pulled the crippled owner’s wheelchair to the shoe repair shop.

The route wasn’t long, but he needed his dog. His 2-year-old puppy is nameless. He ran to his owner whenever he said “hello.”

The dog pushes the crippled owner’s wheelchair to work every day. His poor neighbors often brought him food.

As the boss works, the dog naps. Owner plays with dog in free time. His meal was a cookie from the next-door store. Because there is only enough food for the master, the dog must locate nourishment on its own.

A neighbor occasionally feeds his dog. They love this animal since it’s smart and peaceful.

Someone paid a lot to buy the dog back, but he kept it.

Source: beopeo.com