After giving birth, the poor mother dog is fully spent and on the verge of starvation.

Timing is essential for many animal rescue operations. Rescuers recently got the chance to save baby pups.

A puppy’s growth and health depend on optimal nourishment during the critical first few weeks of life.

In 2022, when a street bitch gave birth, onlookers saw her and realized they had to act fast if they wanted to save the family. The mother dog was worn out after giving birth to a litter of six puppies. It lacks the strength to care for its brand-new infants.

Sadly, two of those puppies did not survive. Rescuers are making every effort to prevent that awful outcome for the other canines.

The poor mother dog is distrustful of her rescuers.

When the mother dog exhibits indications of dread, exhaustion, and anger against the rescuers, it is exceedingly challenging to save the canines. Despite the fact that the mother dog was still wearing a collar, they assumed that she had been abandoned at some point in the past.

Unfortunately, abandoned dogs frequently get aggressive and anxious. While trying to save the puppies, this distraught mother dog hissed at the rescuers. They could feel the mother dog’s anxiety and could tell that she was wary of strangers.

The mother dog’s health returned once they gave her the food and water she needed. It can then provide the milk that its pups require. The puppies’ sole source of sustenance for the first four weeks is breast milk.

Who knows how many puppies would have survived had the rescuers shown up sooner. Not to add, any mature dog finds life on the streets difficult. It’s possible that the mother dog died of starvation before giving birth to the puppies.