A Retired Nurse’s Hospice Makes Dogs Feel Loved In Their Final Moments!

Nobody wants to be a.ban.doned when they are old and weak; that must be a.w.ful!

But that’s what these dogs have to go through when they’re old and si.ck, “no longer cute,” and have been a.ban.doned by the owners whom they have spent their entire lives loving them!

Some families can no longer afford to care for their aging dogs and have decided to give up them. That’s why Nicola Coyne decided to take action and establish The Gray Muzzle Canine’s Hospice Project.

She does not want dy.ing dogs who have been a.ban.doned by their owners to spend their final days alone and sc.ar.ed in a shelter!

She did everything she could to ensure that the dogs spent the rest of their life in love and happiness. She visits shelters in her area and adopts ailing old dogs, attempting to adopt dogs with 6 months or less to live. The longest she kept the dog was about a year and the shortest was two weeks.

They get to enjoy parties, beach trips, delicious steak dinners, and McDonald’s ice cream. Desperate dogs living out their final days in happiness!

Nicola spends up to £500 [$.610] per dog, using her own mo.ney as well as [don.ations] from her [nonp.rofit]. When they di.ed, they were cre.ma.ted and bu.ried in a special estate near her home in Nottingham.

Nicola estimates that she has adopted about 30 dogs; she does an amazing job of making dogs happy, and she is the only one who su.ffers from sa.dness as she must see these beings go to heaven with his own eyes!

Nicola is a true angel. Truly grateful for all she has done for the world! Thank you for opening that for them.

What a lovely kind caring lady I think it’s great they feel loved and cared for at there final end of life ♥️
God bless this wonderful lady…! ❤️🙏🙏